Motorcycle Upholstery and Seats

The last thing any motorcycle owner needs, is an ugly, worn-down, ripped, or uncomfortable seat.  They can turn an otherwise fun ride, into one that’s painful, discomforting and downright embarrassing to look at.  If you are tired of riding around on that ugly old worn out motorcycle seat, Edgar’s Upholstery Shop Covers in Spencerport can help!

  • Custom motorcycle seats, designed and built in Spencerport, NY
  • Full service motorcycle seat repair or replacement
  • Huge selection of colors, designs, styles and accents
  • Custom seats for Harleys, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Indian, and more
  • Affordable prices, seats available in all price ranges
Motorcycle Seat In Production Motorcycle Seat Completed Motorcycle Seat In Production Motorcycle Seat Completed Motorcycle Seat In Production Motorcycle Seat Completed Motorcycle Seat In Production Motorcycle Seat Completed Motorcycle seat custom Completed Motorcycle Seat for Kawasaki

Don’t spend another minute on that old motorcycle seat. Give your bike the custom edge it deserves, with a new or custom motorcycle seat from Edgar’s Upholstery Shop in Spencerport.

Bike Upholstery

You’ve spent so much time customizing your ride, and have taken every possible measure to make your car or truck look as good as new.  So why is your seat still stock and unoriginal?  At Edgar’s Upholstery Shop in Spencerport, NY, we can turn that boring factory seat, into a completely customized seat that’s ready for shows or the street.

Ready, Set, Go!

If you’re ready to turn that ugly or old motorcycle seat into something you can be proud of, or even looking to enter your bike in a local show, Edgar’s Upholstery Shop can make your vision a reality.

Upholstery Selection

We offer the best selection of colors, styles and fabrics, including leather, cloth, neoprene, vinyl and more. Additionally, we can give your seat a custom flare all its own, with personalized embroidery and custom stitching.

Re-upholstery, The Final Touch

Reupholstering your seat is a great way to make a express your individual tastes. Bring a boring or shot seat from bleck to oh my! You spend a lot of time looking at and sitting on seat of your motorcycle, why not give it the attention you’ve given everything else? A completed custom upholstery job delivers satisfaction and lasting enjoyment.A true final touch to bring your motorcycle to the finish line of restoration and customization. Give us a call today or swing by and let’s talk about what kind of magic we can work for you to make your motorcycel seat stand out from the crowd. To schedule an appointment simply visit our contact us page and email us or pick up the phone and give us a call. If you’re in the area, swing by and say hello. The map and directions are on our contact page.